Gästehaus Teerhof
Auf dem Teerhof 58
28199 Bremen
31.7.: 9 Uhr - 18 Uhr; 01. Aug. 9 Uhr - 17 Uhr; 2. Aug.: 9 Uhr - 13 Uhr
Btlg. Organisation:
Sonderforschungsbereich "Staatlichkeit im Wandel" (SFB 597), Universität Bremen

The major share of the public and academic debate on the revenue and the spending side of the welfare state is directed towards the level and composition of the welfare state in advanced Western democracies. Our workshop aims at expanding the discussion in two respects: First, we address the welfare state beyond the OECD by explicitly analyzing developing countries or emerging markets. Second, we invited scholars focusing on the spending and the revenue side of the welfare state to get a more comprehensive picture of the welfare state. Until now, both coins of the welfare state have been discussed separately.

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