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Van der Heijden, Jeroen; Kuhlmann, Johanna; Lindquist, Evert; Wellstead, Adam, 2021: Have policy process scholars embraced causal mechanisms? A review of five popular frameworks, in: Public Policy and Administration, 36 (2), S. 163 - 186, doi:10.1177/0952076718814894

Hanson, Sólveig; Hempel, Fabian, 2021: Plutoing Pluto: The Roles of Narrative in Arenas of Scientific and Public Discourse, in: Narrative, 29 (2), S. 224 - 238, (im Erscheinen)

Hempel, Fabian, 2021: A Sociological Perspective on the Representation of Science in Climate Change Novels, in: Świat i Słowo (World and Word), 36 (1), S. 99 - 112, (im Erscheinen)

Dollbaum, Jan Matti; Semenov, Andrei, 2021: Navalny’s Digital Dissidents: A New Dataset on a Russian Opposition Movement, in: Problems of Post-Communism, online-first, (im Erscheinen), doi:10.1080/10758216.2021.1893123

Kuhlmann, Johanna; Nullmeier, Frank, 2021: A mechanism-based approach to the comparison of national pension systems in Vietnam and Sri Lanka, in: Social Policy & Administration, online-first, doi:10.1111/spol.12691

Kuhlmann, Johanna; ten Brink, Tobias, 2021: Causal mechanisms in the analysis of transnational social policy dynamics: Evidence from the Global South, in: Social Policy & Administration, (im Erscheinen)

Waibel, Désirée; Peetz, Thorsten; Meier, Frank, 2021: Valuation constellations, in: Valuation Studies, 8 (1), S. 33 - 66, doi:10.3384/VS.2001-5992.2021.8.1, 29.04.2021

Wonka, Arndt; Haunss, Sebastian, 2020: Cooperation in networks: Political parties and interest groups in EU policy-making in Germany, in: European Union Politics, 21 (1), S. 130 - 151, doi:10.1177/1465116519873431, 17.02.2020