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Schröder, Tim; Speer, Anne; Sachweh, Patrick; Groh-Samberg, Olaf, 2022: Trust and compliance: Milieu-specific differences in social cohesion during the Covid-19 pandemic in Germany, in: Frontiers in Sociology, 7:989831, doi:10.3389/fsoc.2022.989831

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Dingeldey, Irene; Gerlitz, Jean-Yves, 2022: Labour Market Segmentation, Regulation of Non-Standard Employment, and the Influence of the EU, in: Nullmeier, Frank; González de Reufels, Delia; Obinger, Herbert (Hg.), International Impacts on Social Policy. Short Histories in Global Perspective, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, S. 247 - 260, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-86645-7_20

Groh-Samberg, Olaf, 2021: Dokumentation zur Generierung Multidimensionaler Lagen auf Basis des Sozio-Oekonomischen Panel, Olaf Groh-Samberg; Theresa Büchler; Jean-Yves Gerlitz (Hg.)/2021, Bremen: Socium, Download PDF

Gattig, Alexander; Minkus, Lara, 2021: Does Marriage Increase Couples’ Life Satisfaction? Evidence Using Panel Data and Fixed-effects Individual Slopes, in: Comparative Population Studie, 46, S. 123 - 147, doi:10.12765/CPoS-2021-05, 31.05.2021