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Hilmar, Till, 2022: Social Class and Memory, in: Gutman, Yifat; Wüstenberg, Jenny (Hg.), Routledge Handbook of Memory Activism, New York: Routledge, (im Erscheinen)

Hilmar, Till; Sachweh, Patrick, 2022: Poison to the economy. (Un-)taxing the wealthy in the German federal parliament from 1996 to 2016, in: Social Justice Research, (im Erscheinen)

Hilmar, Till, 2020: Links to the Past, Bridges for the Present? Recognition among Memory Organizations in a European Network, in: Wüstenberg, Jenny; Sierp, Aline (Hg.), Agency in Transnational Memory Politics, New York / Oxford: Berghahn, S. 241 - 260, Link (Stand: 28.01.2020)

Sachweh, Patrick; Hilmar, Till, 2020: Moral Economy: Moral Forces in Economic Activity, in: Zafirovski, Milan (Hg.), A Modern Guide to Economic Sociology, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, S. 166 - 185

Hilmar, Till, 2019: The Temporal Logic of Deservingness - Inequality Beliefs in Two Postsocialist Societies, in: Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, 5, S. 1 - 16, doi:10.1177/2378023119864231, 29.07.2019

Hilmar, Till, 2019: Bringing the "East" back in? Relational Historiography at the House of European History in Brussels, in: Wakounig, Marija; Kühnel, Ferdinand (Hg.), Approaching East-Central Europe over the Centuries, Europa Orientalis/19, Wien: LIT, S. 183 - 189, Link (Stand: 28.01.2020)