Working Group "Political Theory of the Welfare State"

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Laschinski, Miriam
Old-age poverty of informal caregivers in Germany – Does Care make you poor?
6. Transforming Care Conference. Thematic Panel: Pathways into and across care, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 27.06.2023

Hokema, Anna
Teaching social policy in higher education in Germany
FIS-Forum mit Social Policy Biennale 2022, Deutsches Insitut für Interdisziplinäre Sozialpolitikforschung, Bremen, Germany, 07.10.2022

Laschinski, Miriam
Defamilisierung? Nicht für alle! Ungleiche Erwerbsbeteiligung pflegender Angehöriger
41. DGS-Kongress; Ad-Hoc-Gruppe: „Polarisierte Sorgewelten. Gesellschaftliche Aushandlungen von Sorgelücken“, Bielefeld, Germany, 30.09.2022

Laschinski, Miriam
Defamilization? Not for everyone! Unequal labour market participation among informal caregivers
20. ESPAnet Konferenz; Track: “Policies aimed at informal carers: novel policy developments, persisting gaps and accumulated evidence 30 years after the first cash-for-care benefits”, Wien, Austria, 15.09.2022

Laschinski, Miriam
The care risk – late career interruptions in ageing Europe. How does the welfare state matter?
9. Sozialwissenschaftliche Promotionswerkstatt Rhein-Ruhr, Duisburg, Germany, 10.03.2022

Gottschall, Karin; Kuhlmann, Johanna; Biebricher, Thomas
Plenum I - Wohlfahrtsstaatliche Narrative der Legitimation
Zusammenhalt und Wohlfahrtsstaat. Jahrestagung Forschungscluster 2, Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt, Bremen online, Germany, 20.01.2022

Blum, Sonja; Kuhlmann, Johanna
Which criteria guide target group constructions? The case of the COVID-19 pandemic
DVPW-Kongress, Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (DVPW), Germany, 15.09.2021

Kuhlmann, Johanna; Nullmeier, Frank
Interpretive explanation. How can we transform process tracing and the con-cept of causal mechanisms for interpretive research?
13th Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference, Germany, 30.06.2021
Link (Date: 22.09.2021)

Blum, Sonja; Kuhlmann, Johanna
Landscapes in motion – Welfare system reform in 28 European countries, 1998-2018
Conference of the Lithuanian Sociological Society, Lithuanian Sociological Society (LSS), Lithuania, 27.11.2020