Raum: BIGSSS Conference Room 7.3280
Mary-Somerville-Straße 7
28359 Bremen
28.11.2019: 12.00-18.00 Uhr; 29.11.2019: 09.00-13.00 Uhr
WiSe 2019/20

The concentration of wealth is a key component of the recent rise in economic inequality in many Western societies. Consequently, scholars across the social sciences have begun to study the longterm evolution, composition and unequal distribution of wealth as well as its causes and consequences both within and across nations. So far, however, the question of how societies react to the growing concentration of economic advantage has received little systematic attention. Is wealth inequality considered problematic by policy makers and citizens – and if so, why and with which consequences? This workshop aims to shed light on the political and moral economy of wealth and wealth inequality.

The workshop brings together scholars from sociology, political science, history and philosophy who work on topics that broadly relate to these aspects. Participation is open to others who are interested. They should register in advance by writing an email to Patrick Sachweh ( or Till Hilmar ( before 25 November.