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Constraint Careers
Research Team: Simone R. Haasler (Head of project)

Gender relations and occupational sex segregation in Europe
Research Team: Andrea Schäfer (Head of project); Karin Gottschall; Ingrid Tucci

Gender, Migration and Remittances
Research Team: Andrea Schäfer (Head of project); Elke Holst; Mechthild Schrooten

Sustainability of flexible forms of work
Research Team: Sigrid Betzelt (Head of project)

Transforming towards an Activating Welfare State?
Research Team: Irene Dingeldey (Head of project)

Flexibilisation of employment forms and gender relations in health care?
Research Team: Karin Gottschall (Head of project); Ellen Kuhlmann (Head of project)

Women and the Market
Research Team: Ilona Ostner (Head of project); Pertti Koistinen; Martin Osterland; Birgit Pfau-Effinger