Migration and Urban Studies

In "Migration and Urban Studies" the influence of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity on life courses in particular and on embeddings in social networks are investigated. A further focus is placed on migrational interlacings between countries observed from a global perspective.

The empirical work is based on theories of migration, of individual and collective decision-making processes, and of integration and assimilation. Methodologically, quantitative methods such as panel and event data analysis and network analysis are primarily applied.

The following research topics are currently being worked on:

  • Social networks and inter-ethnic relationships in primary school and early secondary school.

  • Social networks and further education and career choices of ethnically and culturally heterogenous secondary school students.

  • Global migrational interlacings, causes of global migration.

  • Marriage and leaving the parental home in the Turkish migrant community in Germany.

  • Ethnic inequalities in the education system.

  • Transformation of education policy and its consequences.

  • Spatial segregation.