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Comparing Financial Cultures of Households in the United States and Germany
Research Team: Raphael Heiberger (Head of project)

Player consultants in Germany's professional football - a sociological mixed methods project
Research Team: Raphael Heiberger (Head of project); Tom Töpfer

Investing in Status As a Mode of Living. Practices, Conditions, Disturbances
Research Team: Karin Gottschall (Head of project); Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Uwe Schimank (Head of project); Stefan Holubek-Schaum; Nils C. Kumkar; Rixta Wundrak

Intra- and interorganizational conditions of interorganizational research cooperation. The case of MARUM
Research Team: Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Uwe Schimank (Head of project); Enno Aljets; Raphael Heiberger; Melike Janßen; Frank Meier

Development of a community-based outdoor physical activity promotion program in older adults 65+ (OUTDOOR ACTIVE)
Research Team: Karin Bammann (Head of project); Emre Baygin; Carina Drell; Ansgar Gerhardus; Martin Gerken-Stüdemann; Jaqueline Kippnich; Lena Lübs; Renke Lührsen; Hartmut Manthey; Kati Mozygemba; Jenny Peplies; Max Schierhorn

GOFAM - The interplay between Gender, Occupations and FAMily migration in Germany
Research Team: Johannes Huinink (Head of project); Tim Schröder; Sergi Vidal