Haus der Wissenschaft
Room: Olbers-Saal
Sandstr. 4/5
28195 Bremen
10 am - 4 pm
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The connection between health inequality and social determinants has long been recognised and is also evident in Bremen's population, particularly among children. As segregation is high in Bremen, starting with the 2018/2019 school year, health professionals have been working at primary schools in districts where problems from different areas of life accumulate and are spatially concentrated. The health professionals are tasked with systematically integrating the topic of health into the schools in a needs-orientated manner.
The workshop serves to present the current state of knowledge on the potential of health professionals and to discuss further development potential. In the discourse, we will deal with the questions on which established practices from other European countries the state of Bremen can orientate itself and how politics can do justice to the task of strengthening health competence through health professionals.
The workshop is aimed at the health professionals themselves as well as colleagues involved in coordination matters, other people from the circles of cooperation partners, and interested citizens.

The project receives financial support from the Dr. Heino Rose-Stiftung.