In many publications the members of the SOCIUM present results and outcomes of their work.

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Lierse, Hanna, 2021: Globalization and the Politics of Tax Competition, in: Lukas Hakelberg und Laura Seelkopf (Ed.), Handbook of Tax Politics, Edward Elgar Publishing, (forthcoming)

Sachweh, Patrick; Hilmar, Till, 2021: Moral Economy: Moral Forces in Economic Activity, in: Zafirovsky, Milan (Ed.), A Modern Guide to Economic Sociology, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 166 - 185, (forthcoming)

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Naumann, Elias; De Tavernier, Wouter; Naegele, Laura; Heß, Moritz, 2020: Public support for sanctioning older unemployed - a survey experiment in 21 European countries, in: European Societies, 22 (1), pp. 77-100, doi:10.1080/14616696.2019.1660394

Mozygemba, Kati; Dehlfing, Anne; Hentschel, Karen; Schilling, Imke; Gerhardus, Ansgar, 2020: Den Nutzen von Palliativversorgung bewerten - Was muss aus Patienten-, Angehörigen- und Versorgersicht beachtet werden?, in: Das Gesundheitswesen, 82 (2), pp. 172 - 179, (forthcoming), doi:10.1055/a-1005-6862

Schmitt, Carina; Obinger, Herbert, 2020: World Wars and Welfare Legislation in Western Countries, in: Journal of European Social Policy, Online-First,, 01.01.2020