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The Meaning of Mangroves
Research Team: Anna-Katharina Hornidge (Head of project); Maria José Barragan Paladines; Anne-Katrin Broocks

Epistemic Mobilities & the Governance of Environmental Risks in Southeast Asia (EMERSA); Subproject of DFG Priority Programme 1889: Regional Sea Level Change and Society (SeaLevel)
Research Team: Michael Flitner (Head of project); Anna-Katharina Hornidge (Head of project); Johannes Herbeck; Rapti Siriwardane

Parliamentary Careers in Comparison
Research Team: Stephanie Bailer; Simon Hug; Philip Manow

Formative Stages of German Politics
Research Team: Philip Manow (Head of project); Valentin Schröder (Head of project)

Follow the Innovation; Subproject of BiomassWeb
Research Team: Anna-Katharina Hornidge (Head of project); Kwadwo Amankwah; Gerba Leta Dufera; Girma Kelboro Mensuro

Research Team: Dagmar Borchers (Head of project); Manuel Frondel (Head of project); Roland Menges (Head of project); Stefan Traub (Head of project)

Contested Knowledge: Opportunities and Risks of Educational Development in Post-Conflict Situations
Research Team: Anna-Katharina Hornidge (Head of project); Conrad Schetter (Head of project); Hart N. Feuer