Gesundheitspolitisches Kolloquium

Year three of the pandemic – a stress test for the health system

After a break owing to the pandemic, the Colloquium on Health Policy will kick off again this coming winter semester. However, the pandemic is by no means over. It has had a significant impact on the health system and given a new urgency to the need for health political debates and reforms. What happens if fewer and fewer people make use of preventive measures? What do the health authorities need to accomplish a digital modernisation? Are care workers fairly paid? What changes in training are qualified care workers undergoing? How did the Health Funds Medical Service (MDK) carry out its work during the pandemic, and will it become more independent in the wake of the MDK reform?

We have invited experts to address these problems at the Colloquium on Health Policy.

The Colloquium will take place 4-5 times during the semester at the House of Science (Haus der Wissenschaft), Sandstraße 4/5, 28195 Bremen, on Wednesdays, 1800-2000hrs. Should this not be possible for pandemic reasons, the Colloquium will take place online.

The exact dates will be posted here as soon as confirmed.