Master Sociology and Social Research

The Master course Sociology and Social Research at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Bremen is a two-year program for students of social science which have a special interest in empirical and sociological research.

The focus of this project course lies in empirical social science and in a particularly close practical approach which is unique in Germany.

The course gives deeper insights into standardized and non-standardized analytical methods as well as theoretical principles in different sociological subject areas. Students are supervised and introduced to independently carrying out a small research project while support is provided. Students can choose their research focus from the following areas:

  • Social structure and forms of life
  • Education, work and social welfare
  • Urban development and migration
  • Social integration and methodology research
  • Social networks

The Master degree in sociology and social science research enables students to carry out independent social science research. A successful degree can lead to an academic career or a career in non-university research institutes such as publicly-funded research institutes or private social research.