Master Social Policy

The Master in Social Policy offers a first-class education, on an international level, over four semesters. One hereby receives qualification for positions in all areas of social policy, as, for example, in international organisations, ministries, welfare or citizens' associations.

Basic Data and Objectives

Titel on graduation: Master of Arts (M.A.)

Standard course length: 4 Semester

ECTS-Credits: sole subject (120 CP)

Language of delivery: German and English (most of the seminars are held in English)

Deadlines for applications/enrolment: 15.06.

Course Objectives

The Graduate Program Social Policy offers an internationally renowned, two-year curriculum that enables successful candidates to enter into positions in international organizations, government administration, welfare associations or civil society organisations. The interdisciplinary master's degree program includes courses in the origins and development of the welfare state and of civil society and seminars focusing on the analysis of European welfare regimes and the challenges they face within a globalized context. International and comparative social policy and specialized studies in selected areas of social policy as well as the development and effects of social policy measures are also part of the advanced curriculum.
Faculty members teaching in the programme have expertise in sociology, political science, and economy. They work in distinguished research institutes at the University of Bremen, promoting a productive nexus between research and teaching. The graduate program in Social Policy is aimed at students interested in professions that incorporate social scientific reflection, responsible action and research-oriented work.

Recommended abilities/ target groups/ requirements placed on students

If you ...
... want to come to terms with all arguments regarding the development of the welfare state and social policy;
... want to learn more about European welfare states, their future under conditions of globalization;
... want to analyze, how individual fields of social policy are developed, and what kind of social consequences evolve from political measures;
... strive for a professional field of work that reflects upon social science, includes responsible action and research oriented work;
... already have a degree in social or economic sciences, or in other fields related to social policy including classes in methods or statistics;

Then …
… the Master programme of Social Policy should be of interest to you!