Double Degrees embedded in the MA Social Policy

Over the past few years, the University of Bremen has been dedicated to create opportunities for students to receive and experience a truly international education. For this reason, a number of double degree programs embedded in the MA Social Policy have been developed with carefully chosen and long-standing partner universities.

What is a Double Degree?

A double degree is a joint program that allows you to:

  • study at two internationally acclaimed institutions;
  • receive two diplomas, one from each university, in the same time it would take to earn one degree;
  • experience two different (university) cultures;
  • spend one academic year at Bremen University and another academic year at a partner institution.

Why choose a Double Degree?

  • It’s an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself academically.
  • It considerably broadens the options and professional horizons available to graduates and lays the foundation for an international career.
  • You get to explore a new (university) environment, experience diversity of thought and develop a truly global mind-set.
  • By spending one full year abroad in a great city and at a great university, you make unique cultural and social experiences and become part of an international community

Who can apply?

The double degree programs are designed for highly skilled and motivated candidates who have a bachelor's degree in one of the disciplines relevant to the program, such as social sciences, economics or another related academic field. Proven proficiency in English is required. Skills in empirical social science research are recommended. Application dates differ in each program. Please check the particular double degree options for more details on how to apply.

Double degrees embedded in the MA Social Policy