Projects of the SOCIUM

Research at the SOCIUM usually is organized in projects carried out by its departments, many of them being financed through third party funding. The SOCIUM receives essential support from institutions such as the German National Research Foundation (DFG), the VolkswagenFoundation, and other public and private organizations, i.e. health insurances.

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Comparing Protests and Social Cohesion in eastern and western Europe
Research Team: Priska Daphi (Head of project); Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Pál Susanszky

The Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Public Employment Services
Research Team: Martin Dietz (Head of project); Christoph Osiander (Head of project); Markus Tepe (Head of project); Mareike Winkler

Specialised Information Service Criminology
Research Team: Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen (Head of project)

We The (Social) Media: Social Media for and by Social Movements
Research Team: Stephanie Geise (Head of project); Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Hendrik Heuer (Head of project); Anna Ricarda Luther

TCALL Transfer Cluster of Long-Term Care Teaching Facilities
Research Team: Ingrid Darmann-Finck (Head of project); Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Claudia Stolle-Wahl (Head of project); Karsten Detlef Wolf (Head of project); Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Head of project)

Specialised Information Service Political Sciences (Pollux)
Research Team: Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Philipp Mayr (Head of project); Maria Elisabeth Müller (Head of project); Paula Lein

Specialised Information Service Sociology (SocioHub)
Research Team: Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Philipp Mayr (Head of project); Hubertus Neuhausen (Head of project); Ralf Depping; Susanna Prepeliczay

Development and trial of a tool to determine qualification-oriented staffing ratios using a new scientifically based procedure for standardizing staffing requirements.
Research Team: Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Peter Ambos; Sophia Brüssermann; Corinna Burfeindt; Ingrid Darmann-Finck; Juliane Mosenhauer; Katharina Scherf; Kevin Tuchczynski; Evelyn Wienzek