Working Group "Political Theory of the Welfare State"

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The Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Public Employment Services
Research Team: Martin Dietz (Head of project); Christoph Osiander (Head of project); Markus Tepe (Head of project); Mareike Winkler

Who should get the vaccine first? How do COVID-19 vaccine allocation regimes affect citizens' global vs. national identities and priority preferences
Research Team: Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan (Head of project); Markus Tepe (Head of project); Pieter Vanhuysse (Head of project)

The global development, diffusion and transformation of education systems
Research Team: Kerstin Martens (Head of project); Michael Windzio (Head of project); Fabian Besche; Martin Leusch; Dennis Niemann; Helen Seitzer

Mechanisms of social policy diffusion
Research Team: Delia González de Reufels (Head of project); Frank Nullmeier (Head of project); Klaus Schlichte (Head of project); Johanna Kuhlmann

The Tax State and International Tax Policies
Research Team: Philipp Genschel (Head of project); Stefan Traub (Head of project); Hanna Lierse; Henning Schmidtke; Laura Seelkopf; Hongyan Yang

The discursive construction of legitimacy within the European Union
Research Team: Dominika Biegon (Head of project)

Self-legitimations of International Institutions
Research Team: Jennifer Gronau (Head of project)

The Federal Government and the Commune in the implementation of Hartz IV
Research Team: Joachim Lange (Head of project); Frank Nullmeier (Head of project)

Legitimating Nation States, International Regimes, and Economic Orders
Research Team: Frank Nullmeier (Head of project); Dominika Biegon; Jennifer Gronau; Sebastian Haunss; Falk Lenke; Tanja Pritzlaff-Scheele; Henning Schmidtke; Steffen Schneider