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Comparing Protests and Social Cohesion in eastern and western Europe
Research Team: Priska Daphi (Head of project); Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Pál Susanszky

The Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Public Employment Services
Research Team: Martin Dietz (Head of project); Christoph Osiander (Head of project); Markus Tepe (Head of project); Mareike Winkler

We The (Social) Media: Social Media for and by Social Movements
Research Team: Stephanie Geise (Head of project); Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Hendrik Heuer (Head of project); Anna Ricarda Luther

Towards a society of valuation? (Scientific network)
Research Team: Anne K. Krüger (Head of project); Thorsten Peetz (Head of project); Hilmar Schäfer (Head of project); Stefan Beljean; Martina Franzen; Thomas Frisch; Julian Hamann; Felicitas Heßelmann; Michael Hutter; Karoline Krenn; Jonathan Kropf; Stefan Laser; Sandra Matthäus; Frank Meier; Andrea Mennicken; Cornelia Schendzielorz; Désirée Waibel

Global Developments in Health Care Systems
Research Team: Lorraine Frisina Doetter (Head of project); Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Gabriela de Carvalho; Johanna Fischer; Julian Götsch; Mai Mahmoud; Alexander Polte; Achim Schmid; Meika Sternkopf

MARDY: Modeling ARgumentation DYnamics in Political Discourse
Research Team: Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Jonas Kuhn (Head of project); Sebastian Padó (Head of project); Nico Blokker; Patricia F. Zauchner

Research Team: Sebastian Haunss (Head of project)

Intimate Valuations. Love in Tinder Times
Research Team: Thorsten Peetz (Head of project)