The scientific competence of the ZeS is further developed with the certificate programme in Social Policy, which is interdisciplinary orientated and has a focus on teaching.

Social Policy at the University of Bremen is recognised as being relevant through research at the Centre for Social Policy Research. With courses to be offered at the Faculty 8, this combined scientific competence is being developed with the certificate programme in social policy, which now also focuses on teaching.

In addition to their regular degrees, students majoring in Sociology, Political Science, Social Work, Nursing Sciences (with a minor in Sociology), and Economics have the possibility to receive a certificate in Social Policy. The certificate programme thereby opens additional opportunities in Social Science professional fields, for example, associations, state institutions, public self-governance bodies, and political parties.

This four-semester programme comprises the following fields:

  • Theories of the Welfare State,
  • Economic principles of Social Policy,
  • Principles of Social Law,
  • the German Welfare State,
  • European and international Social Policy, and
  • Comparative Social Policy.

ZeS report, 6. Vol., No. 2, November 2001, p. 28