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Research at the SOCIUM usually is organized in projects carried out by its departments, many of them being financed through third party funding. The SOCIUM receives essential support from institutions such as the German National Research Foundation (DFG), the VolkswagenFoundation, and other public and private organizations, i.e. health insurances.

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Long-Term Care 2030
Research Team: Heinz Rothgang (Head of project)

Pathways to Family Policy Universalism: Coverage and Generosity of Family Policies in Global Perspective
Research Team: Sonja Drobnič (Head of project); Tobias Böger; Keonhi Son

Global Dynamics of Coverage and Generosity in Work-Injury Compensation, Unemployment and Old-Age Pensions
Research Team: Nate Breznau (Head of project); Sebastian Fehrler (Head of project); Simone Scherger (Head of project); Aline Grünewald

Global Dynamics of Long-term Care Policies
Research Team: Simone Leiber (Head of project); Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Daniela Brüker; Johanna Fischer; Meika Sternkopf; Davide Viero; Migyeong Yun

Research Team: Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Claudia Stolle-Wahl (Head of project); Karin Wolf-Ostermann (Head of project); Johanna Ritter

Evaluation of Breast Cancer Mortality in the German Mammography Screening Program (Evaluation of Mortality) - Main Study II
Research Team: Jonas Czwikla (Head of project); Heinz Rothgang (Head of project); Franziska Heinze

Corona Crisis Narratives - Framing Economic Imaginaries post-2020 (CoroNarrate)
Research Team: Till Hilmar (Head of project); Patrick Sachweh (Head of project); Rocco Paolillo

Segmentation and social networks between social milieus
Research Team: Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Michael Windzio (Head of project); Jan-Philip Steinmann; Liz Weiler

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