For all students not going one semester abroad, a research internship of at least ten weeks is mandatory. Usually, the internship will take place at an academic institution or a social security institution during the third semester.

The research internship is mandatory for students specializing in "Work and Social Security" or "Health Care System and Health Care Policies" - unless they opt for a semester abroad. During the internship, students remain part of the University of Bremen and are therefore ensured by the regulations of the student health insurance. The internship is recommended in the third term.

It usually lasts at least ten weeks (full time). The duration of a part-time position will be extended respectively. The main aim is to prepare students for positions in the administration on the local, regional, national or international level, as well as in non-governmental or private institutions, but also for positions in academic institutions.

This involves tasks such as

  • Project management and coordination
  • Policy consultancy & advising
  • Public Relations
  • Research

During the internship, students will apply the theoretical knowledge they gained during their previous semesters to their own study or to a project-related study at a social policy or academic institution. The concrete tasks and contents should be communicated clearly between the institution and the intern before the beginning of each internship.

The internship is followed by a colloquium for which a report has to be written.