European Labour Studies / MEST

At Bremen, European Labour Studies form an integrated part of the Master of Social Policy Programme, which is offered and organized by the SOCIUM.

Unique in its interdisciplinary scope, the Centre integrates perspectives of political science, sociology, economics, law and public health to advance international comparative research on work, labour markets and the welfare state. Working at the SOCIUM combines basic research with an applied orientation and aims at contributing both to the scientific and political discourse on labour markets and social life.

The Master of Social Policy follows a comparative and international approach and is taught bilingually in English and German. The MEST-exchange programme, which is organized in collaboration with the European Interuniversity Labour Studies Network, represents a key element of this international orientation.

Teaching programme

Teaching at Bremen University usually starts in the beginning of April and runs until mid-July. For exchange students, the SOCIUM offers a range of courses in English on theory and empirics of labour market dynamics and labour relations in a comparative perspective. The language course “English for European Labour Studies” organized in cooperation with the language centre of the University of Bremen is specifically geared towards enhancing terminology and language proficiency in the area of labour relations. Of course, all courses offered at SOCIUM in German in the fields of policies, governance, organization, management, social policy and the welfare state are also open to international students. The coursework is usually in small groups in form of a seminar, which allows for close student supervision.

Examples of courses (held in English)

  • European Labour Studies and Comparative Employment Relations

  • Work and Social Security in a Comparative Perspective

  • Specialization Public Health: Occupational health and safety in Europa

  • Public Administration and Social Management

  • Advanced Seminar on the Political Economy of the Welfare State

  • Global Social Redistribution - A Global Perspective to Theories of Justice

  • Gender, Care and the State

  • European Gender and Antidiscrimination Legislation (in cooperation with the law department)

  • English for European Labour Studies