The Master Social Policy offers the opportunity to specialise in one of three fields of social policy: Health Care System and Health Care Policy, Work and Social Security and European Labour Studies.

The specialisation starts in the second semester. In Module 6 (SozPol M6), "Policies" students can choose between three fields of social policy and deepen their knowledge in the respective field:

  • Health Care System and Health Care Policies
  • Work and Social Security
  • European Labour Studies

Each module offers many possibilities to profoundly immerse in the dynamics of the respective field and to understand its problems and challenges in a differentiated manner. This helps to analyse the structural transformations and constellations of actors in depth as well as to identify institutional and organisational conditions. This also implies discussing the political means of the field and its power structure by reflecting and evaluating individual policies. With this specialisation, students learn to comment on the current political agenda on the basis of profound scientific knowledge.

The specialisation continues over the course of the following semesters: In the fields of "Health Care System and Policy" and "Work and Social Security", students will apply the theoretical knowledge during a research internship in the third semester. This internship can take place in Germany or abroad. Alternatively, students can spend a semester abroad at a partner university, in order to deepen their knowledge.

Students, who have decided to specialise in European Labour Studies, will spend their third semester abroad at one of the partner universities of the European Labour Studies Network. Since many students only choose to stay one term abroad, it is also possible to do a research internship as well in the reminder of the semester.