Birkenstraße 34
28195 Bremen
June 29th: 12:30-9 p.m.; June 30th: 8:15 a.m.-1 p.m.
Contact Person:
Dr. Kai Huter
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Darmann-Finck (Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP), University of Bremen); Dr. Kai Huter; Prof. Dr. Heinz Rothgang; Prof. Dr. Hajo Zeeb (Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS GmbH)

Demographic change and evolving demands on healthcare systems, especially with respect to the provision of healthcare and nursing care for a growing number of older people, will be among the greatest social challenges of the coming decades.

The pursuit of health equity in ageing societies raises several questions: on the one hand there are persisting health inequities related to a social gradient in health. On the other hand, as resources are limited, social challenges to healthcare and the healthcare system will always entail questions of distributive justice. Health equity is therefore a central cross-sectional topic of health research in Bremen.

The conference, organised by the High-profile Area of Health Sciences at the University of Bremen, will serve as a forum for discussing these key challenges of healthcare in ageing societies. The conference focusses on four main topics:

  • Health - equity - health inequalities
  • Qualification requirements and the training of healthcare professionals
  • Prevention - Healthy Ageing
  • Ageing and Diversity: requirements for health services

Keynote-Speakers are Prof. James Nazroo (Manchester, UK), Prof. Jeanine Suurmond (Amsterdam, NL), Prof. Carol Hall (Nottingham, UK) and Prof. Clemens Tesch-Römer (DZA, Berlin).

The conference will host a public evening event at the famous Bremen Town Hall where researchers and policy makers will discuss necessary requirements for a just health system.

More information: Conference Website