Prof. Dr. Stefan TraubProf. Dr. Stefan Traub
In October 2009 Professor Stefan Traub took over one of the two vacant directorate positions.

The main focus of work in the Economics Department is economic theories of justice and their impact on tax and benefit systems and social security systems, the development of old-age security in industrial states particularly in view of demographic change and globalisation, and the impact of privatisation policies on OECD countries.

Of particular importance is fundamental research in the area of economic distribution theory. To what extent are the axioms of normative distribution theory, for example the Lorentz axiomatic system, reflected in ideas of justice among the general populace? Norms of distribution will be empirically tested in terms of their level of acceptance. The role of individual and societal ideas of justice will be theoretically and empirically analysed by focusing on the development of tax and transfer systems and social protection systems, with a particular emphasis of pension schemes.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Traub
Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg
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