Prof. Dr. Heinz RothgangProf. Dr. Heinz Rothgang
Heinz Rothgang member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Center of Gerontology.

One of the mostly overlooked benefits of research centers at universities is their ability to consult and advise political or politics-related institutions. Via this consultation recent research finds its way directly into policy making or administration. Heinz Rothgang, Professor of Health Economics at SOCIUM, recently was appointed member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Center of Gerontology for the next four years.

The German Center of Gerontology is one of the so called Ressortforschungseinrichtungen (ministerial research facilities) of the federal government and is part of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. It focuses on three core activities: collection and public dissemination of important data on demography and gerontology, research on gerontological questions and especially consulting of the Ministry and the Federal Government on demographical change and policies concerning senior citizens. This entails a broad spectrum of issues from work and pension, health, care, family situations, social relations as well as social participation of senior citizens.

The Scientific Advisory Board of the German center of Gerontology consists of nine professors mostly from social scientific faculties. They consult the Center and participate in guiding its research.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Rothgang
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