Dr. Carina SchmittDr. Carina Schmitt
Carina Schmitt has been coopted as one of ten new members to the Junge Akademie.

The selection committee of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina decided to coopt Carina Schmitt to the Junge Akademie in march this year.

Carina Schmitt is a post-doctoral researcher in the department "Institutions and History of the Welfare State" at ZeS. After her habilitation thesis on the convergence and diffusion of social and economic policy in rich democracies she has been awarded with a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship by the DAAD and the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. In September last year, the commenced her ten-month research stay at Harvard University, where she is working on a research project on the global emergence of the welfare state.

The Junge Akademie has set itself two overriding tasks: encouraging academic, especially interdisciplinary, discourse among outstanding young academics as well as promoting initiatives at the intersection of academia and society. Members have different backgrounds ranging from Astrophysics via Law and Political Science to Philosophy of Science. Members are elected for five years. Each member is endowed with a research budget of currently about 30,000 Euro for joint academic projects.

More information: Die Junge Akademie

Prof. Dr. Carina Schmitt