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LTSS Study Panel
Research Team: Heinz Rothgang

Research Team: Sebastian Haunss (Head of project); Leslie Carmel Gauditz

„QualiService“ - data archive and service center for qualitative social science interview data
Research Team: Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Susanne Kretzer

Anthropological Limits of Cultural Evolution (ALICE)
Research Team: Johannes Huinink (Head of project)

Political Competition in the German state parliaments
Research Team: Valentin Schröder (Head of project); Christian Stecker (Head of project)

Bremen Reichstag Project
Research Team: Philip Manow (Head of project); Valentin Schröder (Head of project)

Parliament and government composition database
Research Team: Holger Döring (Head of project); Philip Manow; Valentin Schröder

Gender relations and occupational sex segregation in Europe
Research Team: Andrea Schäfer (Head of project); Karin Gottschall; Ingrid Tucci

Gender, Migration and Remittances
Research Team: Andrea Schäfer (Head of project); Elke Holst; Mechthild Schrooten