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Manow, Philip; Palier, Bruno; Schwander, Hanna (Ed.), 2018: Welfare democracies and party politics: Explaining electoral dynamics in times of changing welfare capitalism, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Dörr, Nikolas, 2018: How to Deal with Eurocommunism? Willy Brandt's Conflicts with the US Governments of Nixon, Ford and Carter, in: Rother, Bernd; Larres, Klaus (Ed.), Willy Brandt and International Relations. Europe, the USA and Latin America, 1974-1992, London, Oxford, New York: Bloomsbury, (forthcoming), Link (Date: 23.04.2018)

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Dörr, Nikolas, 2018: Review: Koenen, Gerd, 2017, Die Farbe Rot. Ursprünge und Geschichte des Kommunismus , in: H-Soz-Kult, Link (Date: 14.02.2018)

Obinger, Herbert; Petersen, Klaus; Starke, Peter (Ed.), 2018: Warfare and Welfare. Military Conflict and Welfare State Development in Western Countries, Oxford: Oxford University Press, (forthcoming)

Grawe, Lukas, 2018: "Was so ein Krieg aus dem Menschen macht!" Berichte von Arthur von Lüttwitz aus dem Burenkrieg, in: Österreichische Militärische Zeitschrift (3), pp. 283 - 291, Link (Date: 28.05.2018)

Kaminska, Monika Ewa; Wulfgramm, Melike, 2018: Universal or commodified healthcare? Linking out-of-pocket payments to income-related inequalities in unmet health needs in Europe, in: Journal of European Social Policy, online-first, (forthcoming), doi:10.1177/0958928718774261, 29.05.2018