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Waitkus, Nora; Groh-Samberg, Olaf
Beyond Meritocracy. Wealth accumulation in German Upper Classes
Culture, Inequalities, and Social Inclusion across the Globe. ASA 112th Annual Meeting 2017, American Sociological Association (ASA), Montreal, Canada, 14.08.2017
Link (Date: 19.06.2017)

Hertel, Florian; Groh-Samberg, Olaf
The relation between inequality and intergenerational class mobility
Increasing mobility and reducing inequality: What guidance is provided by sociological research? ISA RC28 Summer Meeting, Columbia University, New York, New York, United States, 10.08.2017
Link (Date: 19.06.2017)

Borowsky, Christine
Commuting Instead of Relocating: Costs for the Children
Partner Relationships, Residential Relocations, and Housing in the Life Course, PartnerLife Project, Köln, Germany, 28.07.2017
Link (Date: 17.08.2017)

Gottschall, Karin
Lohnende Investitionen? Zur Ambivalenz von Bildung und Homogamie für Frauen und Männer in den Mittelschichten
Gesellschaftsanalyse und Gesellschaftskritik. Forschungskolloquium, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München, Germany, 19.07.2017

Gottschall, Karin
Capturing Dynamics of Changing Gender Inequality: Regimes, Institutions and Indices
Sustainability and Transformation, 24th International Conference of Europeanists. Session 289 "The Sustainability of Gender Regime Transformation in Europe", University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 14.07.2017

Borowsky, Christine
Do Children Suffer from Commuting Parents? Insights on Children's Well-Being from the Perspective of Parents and their Children
International User Conference of the German Family Panel pairfam, Panel Analysis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (pairfam), Bremen, Germany, 01.06.2017
Link (Date: 17.08.2017)

Waitkus, Nora; Groh-Samberg, Olaf
Beyond Meritocracy. Wealth accumulation in German Upper Classes
Social Inequality and Mobility Revisited. Challenges through Recent Demographic Trends, ISA RC28 (Social Stratification and Mobility) Spring Meeting 2017, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne, Köln, Germany, 01.04.2017
Link (Date: 03.04.2017)

Schimank, Uwe; Mau, Steffen; Groh-Samberg, Olaf
Lebensführung als investive Statusarbeit – Geht das in Niedrigwachstumsgesellschaften?
Soziale Ungleichheit der Lebensführung, Lehrbereich Allgemeine Soziologie, Institut für Sozialwissen­schaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 13.01.2017
Link (Date: 11.01.2017)

Bastin, Sonja
Erwerbsmotive von Studierenden als Ursache sozialer Ungleichheit?
IAW-Colloquium, Institut Arbeit und Wirtschaft, Bremen, Germany, 06.12.2016
Link (Date: 22.03.2017)

Waitkus, Nora
Wealth Accumulation across social classes in the U.S.: First empirical evidence
PSID Seminar, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States, 02.12.2016