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COFIR - Competition for funding and Redistribution of opportunities for independent research
Research Team: Jochen Gläser (Head of project); Uwe Schimank (Head of project); Melike Janßen

Investing in Status As a Mode of Living. Practices, Conditions, Disturbances
Research Team: Karin Gottschall (Head of project); Betina Hollstein (Head of project); Uwe Schimank (Head of project); Stefan Holubek; Nils C. Kumkar; Rixta Maria Wundrak

Relationships of solidarity between EU citizens and refugees in activist contexts
Research Team: Leslie Carmel Gauditz (Head of project)

Decision-making practices of retail investors – between self-expertising and helplessness
Research Team: Uwe Schimank (Head of project); Michael Walter; Lydia Welbers

Inclusion out of passion?
Research Team: Désirée Waibel

Needs-Based Distribution and Distribution Procedures (FOR2104)
Research Team: Frank Nullmeier (Head of project); Tanja Pritzlaff-Scheele (Head of project); Thomas Schramme (Head of project); Andrew Lawrence Fassett; Patricia Zauchner

The irritations-coping nexus in the communicative figurations of middle class life
Research Team: Uwe Schimank (Head of project); Ute Volkmann (Head of project); Juliane Klein