Working Group "Global and Historical Welfare State Research"

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Transformation of health care systems in Central and Eastern Europe
Research Team: Mirella Cacace (Head of project); Monika Ewa Kaminska (Head of project)

Constituting the welfare state in a global perspective
Research Team: Herbert Obinger (Head of project); Carina Schmitt (Head of project); Laura Seelkopf (Head of project); Anja Gaentzsch

Universal Conscription, the Military, and Welfare State Development in Europe
Research Team: Herbert Obinger (Head of project); Nikolas Dörr; Lukas Grawe

The Tax State and International Tax Policies
Research Team: Philipp Genschel (Head of project); Stefan Traub (Head of project); Hanna Lierse; Henning Schmidtke; Laura Seelkopf; Hongyan Yang

Conflict genesis in the EU multi-level system
Research Team: Miriam Hartlapp (Head of project); Christian Adam

Policy Making in a Complex Polity: The Influence of Parties and Public Opinion on EU Policy
Research Team: Miriam Hartlapp (Head of project); Sebastiaan Princen (Head of project); Olivier Costa; Renaud Dehousse; Emiliano Grossmann; Hussein Kassim

Meeting the Challenges of Economic Uncertainty and Sustainability (GUSTO)
Research Team: Colin Crouch (Head of project); Jean-Claude Barbier; Iain Begg; Dorothee Bohle; Luigi Burroni; Eva Cerna; Miriam Hartlapp; Maarten Keune; Ute Klammer; Per Kongshoj Madsen; Antonio Martín; Ruud Muffels; Els Sol; Axel Van den Berg