Summer Term 2014

  1. Comparing Welfare State Regimes [in English] (MA)
  2. Political Economy (Lecture) (BA)
  3. Hobbes's Political Philosophy (BA)

Winter Term 2013/2014

  1. Modern Theories of Democracy (BA)
  2. Mixed Electoral Systems (BA)
  3. Political Corruption (BA)

Summer Term 2013

  1. Political Economy (Lecture) (BA)
  2. Political Theology (MA)
  3. Parties, Governments, and Social Policy [in English] (MA)
  4. Parties, Governments and the Welfare State [in English] (MA)

Winter Term 2012/2013


Summer Term 2012

  1. Political Economy (Lecture) (BA)
  2. Theories of Democratic Representation (MA)
  3. Mechanisms of German Politics (BA)
  4. The Political Economy of the State [in English] (MA)

Winter Term 2011/2012

  1. The History of Democracy (BA)
  2. Determinants of Political Careers: From Candidating to becoming Chancellor (BA)

Summer Term 2011

  1. Political Economy (Lecture) (BA)
  2. The German Electoral System - Mechanism and Reform Proposals (BA)
  3. Religion and the Welfare State (MA)

Winter Term 2010/2011

  1. Introduction to German Politics (BA)
  2. Varieties of Capitalism (BA)