Research Focus

My research interests focus on international and comparative political economy, comparative welfare state research, and quantitative methods. I worked several years on the privatization of public enterprises in rich democracies. Since 2011 I am mainly concerned with the comparative analysis of social policy and more concretely with the diffusion and convergence of social policies. While my earlier work focused on rich democracies, I turned my research focus towards developing countries in more recent studies. In sharp contrast to our clear understanding of the overriding need for social protection in developing countries, we know very little about the origins, characteristics and outcomes of social protection in developing countries. My research endeavors to diminish this gap. In current projects, I work on the effect of colonialism on social security and social outcomes in developing countries. Methodologically, I mainly apply quantitative techniques such as panel data analyses and spatial econometrics.

Main Fields of Interest

  • International Political Ecnomy
  • Comparative Economic and Social Policy Research
  • Colonialism and Social Policy
  • Quantitative Methods of Social Science


Method Set and Software Skills

  • Panel data analysis
  • Spatial Econometrics
  • Structural Equation Modelling
  • STATA, R, ArcGis, Pajek, Matlab