Teaching and doctoral training

Doctoral Training

Doctoral Training



Matthias Pohlig
Why working lives become unequal? Studies on unemployment, careers and work inequalities
(1st supervisor with Irene Dingeldey, University of Bremen, and Ruud Muffels, Tilburg University)

Daria Ukhova
How class shapes gender inequality at home. Three essays on the gender division of unpaid work in post-socialist contexts
(2nd supervisor with Sonja Drobnic, University of  Bremen, and Eva Fodor)


Jean-Yves Gerlitz:
The rise of the adult worker model. In-Work Poverty and Economic Vulnerability in Times of Institutional Change (1st supervisor with Henning Lohmann, Hamburg, and Irene Dingeldey, University of Bremen)


Nora Waitkus
Wealth Inequality in Western Capitalist Societies - Investigating the Role of
Wealth Portfolios and Class
(1st supervisor with Fabian Pfeffer, University of Michigan)


Büchler, Theresa
Educational Decisions and Occupational Aspirations in Context of Social Origin, Status Dynamics and School Sructure
(1st supervisor with Henning Lohmann, Hamburg)

Lara Minkus
Equal but different? Exploring the Mechanisms of Gender Wage Differentials
(1st supervisor with Karin Gottschall and
Anne Busch-Heizmann, University Duisburg-Essen


Lux, Thomas
Dissecting Later-Life Employment: The Social Structure of Work after Pension Age in Germany and the United Kingdom
(2nd supervisor with Simone Scherger)

Yu, Ge
Employment of Chines Older Workers
(2nd supervisor with Klaus Schömann, BIGSSS)

Brülle, Jan
Structural Change and Poverty. Contrasting Trends in Great Britain and Germany
(2nd supervisor with Markus Gangl, Goethe-University Frankfurt)

Reichenbachs, Mauricio
The German Welfare State and the Third Sector. The End of Corporatism?
(2nd supervisor with Frank Nullmeier)

Wise, Ramsey
Work and Life Chances: Understanding the Effects of Atypical Employment during the School-to-Work Transition
(1st supervisor with Heike Solga, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin)

Hoppe, Lukas
Immigration and Poverty Dynamics
(2nd supvervisor with Michael Windzio)


Götz, Susanne
Kindererziehung und Pflege von Angehörigen im Lebens- und Erwerbsverlauf von Frauen
(2nd supervisor with Karin Gottschall)


Horn, Daniel
Political Demobilization and the Welfare State: Criminal Disenfranchisement in Perspective – North Carolina Case Study
(1st supervisor with Klaus Boehnke and Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota)

Witte, Nils
The Legal and Symbolic Boundaries of Membership
(3rd supervisor with Michael Windzio and Rainer Baubock, European University Institute)

Hertel, Florian
Social Mobility over the Course of the 20th Century in the United States and Germany
(1st supervisor with Fabian Pfeffer, University of Michigan)

Baumann, Anne-Luise
Immigrant pathways – a longitudinal perspective on intergenerational status transmission among former guestworkers and natives in Germany
(1st supervisor with Johannes Huinink)

Kyzyma, Iryna
Changing Patterns of Income Poverty in Rich Countries
(1st supervisor with Stefan Traub, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg)


Offerhaus, Judith
Further Training in Germany. Continuous Participation and the Impact of Attitudes and Personality
(Zweitbetreuung mit Klaus Schömann, Jacobs University Bremen, und Lesley Andres, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver)


Breznau, Nate
Public Opinion and Social Policy
(3rd supervisor with Steffen Mau and Jonathan Kelley, University of Nevada, Reno)

Kodalak, Metin
Social Identity and Collective Action: Two Case Studies of Unionization in the Turkish Information Technologies (IT) Sector
(2nd supervisor with Karin Gottschall and Helga Rittersberger-Tilic, Middle East Technical University, Ankara)


Lersch, Philipp
Moving on up towards your destination? Residential relocations and their outcomes
(2nd supervisor with Michael Windzio)