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Maaß, Laura; Zeeb, Hajo; Rothgang, Heinz, 2023: Holistically assessing digital public health systems: The Digital Public Health Maturity Index, in: European Journal of Public Health, 33 (Sup_2), doi:10.1093/eurpub/ckad160.161, 24.10.2023

Maaß, Laura; Hrynyschyn, Robert; Lange, Martin; Löwe, Alexandra; Burdenski, Kathrin; Butten, Kaley; Vorberg, Sebastian; Hachem, Mariam; Gorga, Aldo; Grieco, Vittorio; Restivo, Vincenzo; Vella, Giuselle; Varnfield, Marlien; Holl, Felix, 2023: Challenges and alternatives to evaluation methods and regulation approaches of medical apps as mobile medical devices: An international and multidisciplinary focus group discussion, in: JMIR Preprints, pp. 54814, doi:10.2196/preprints.54814, 28.11.2023

Forberger, Sarah; Freye, Merle; Buttigieg, Stefan; Maaß, Laura, 2023: Digital Public Health Governance - navigating complex structures, in: Population Medicine (5(Suppleme), pp. A650, (forthcoming), doi:10.18332/popmed/165392

Maaß, Laura; Freye, Merle; Pedros Barnils, Nuria; Pan, Chen-Chia, 2023: How to achieve effective interdisciplinarity in digital public health practice, in: Population Medicine (5(Suppl)), pp. A646, doi:10.18332/popmed/165268

Maaß, Laura; Holl, Felix; Buttigieg, Stefan; Iyamu, Ihoghosa; Pan, Chen-Chia, 2023: Learnings from digital public health interventions in practice: challenges we embraced, in: Population Medicine (5(Suppl)), pp. A645, doi:10.18332/popmed/165264

Maaß, Laura; Holl, Felix; Hrynyschyn, Robert, 2023: How to evaluate health and medical apps in public health - what are alternatives to randomized controlled trials?, in: Population Medicine (5(Suppl)), pp. A644, doi:10.18332/popmed/165233

Maaß, Laura; Staines, Anthony; Brînzac, Monica; Hrzic, Rok; European Public Health Association (EUPHA) Digital Health Section, 2023: 6.F. Workshop: Digital public health in Europe - What is the new normal? , in: European Journal of Public Health, 33 (Suppl_2), pp. ckad160.372, doi:10.1093/eurpub/ckad160.372, 24.10.2023