Memberships and Service to the Profession


German Sociological Association (DGS)
European Sociological Association (ESA)
International Sociological Association (ISA)
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE)
European Social Policy Network (EspaNet)
Deutsche Vereinigung für sozialwissenschaftliche Arbeitsmarktforschung (SAMF e.V.)

Service to the profession: external (elected and appointed)

Senate Committee on Collaborative Research Centres German Research Council (DFG) (since 2020)
Grants Committee on Collaborative Research Centres German Research Council (DFG) (since 2020)
Scientific Council of the Fördernetzwerk Interdisziplinäre Sozialpolitikforschung of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (FIS) (since 2016)
Board of Trustees WZB Berlin Social Science Center (since 2015)
Scientific Council Hans Böckler Foundation (since 2014)
Council German Sociological Association (DGS) (since 2013, 2006-2010)
Advisory Board Zeitschrift für Soziologie (Journal for Sociology) 
Editorial Board WSI-Mitteilungen (Journal of the German Union's Institute of Economic and Social Research)

Review Board 111 Social Sciences German Research Council (DFG) (2012-2019)
Scientific Advisory Board German Youth Institute (2012-2017)
Steering Committee of the Research Programme on Gender Equality NRP 60, Swiss National Science Foundation (2009-2015)
Board of Trustees of the Sociological Research Institute in Göttingen (SOFI) (2009-2015, chair woman until 2013)
Survey Advisory Board German Youth Institute (2009-2012)
SOEP Survey Board (2008-2013)
Directorate of the section Social Politics in the German Sociological Association (DGS) (2005-2010)
Socio-Economic Panel User Committee (2005-2007)

Service to the profession: University of Bremen (elected and appointed)

Department Head SOCIUM (2015-2021)
Department Head ZES (1999-2015)
Dean Faculty 8 Social Sciences (2017-2019)
Vice Dean Faculty 8 Social Sciences (2013-2017)
Excellence Initiative Board (since 2013)
Council Mentoring Program Plan M - Mentoring for scientists in Social Sciences and Humanities

Academic Senate (2011-2013)
Vice spokeswoman Institute of Sociology, University of Bremen (until 2010)
Vice Dean Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) (2007-2008)
Dean Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) (2004-2006)