Teaching - Irina Wiegand

Winter 2014/15

Research Design and Qualitative Methods (University of Bremen)

Winter 2012/13

Introduction to Political Science Research Methods (University of Bremen)

Internal Security in Europe (University of Bremen)

Summer 2012

Introduction to Political Theory and Philosophy (2 Courses, University of Bremen)

Summer 2010

European Counter-Terrorism Measures in Comparison (University of Bremen)

Winter 2009/10

Introduction to Political Sciences Research Methods (University of Bremen)

International Institutions (2 seminars, together with Philipp Genschel and Achim Kemmerling, Jacobs University Bremen)

Summer 2009

Introduction to Political Theory (University of Bremen)

Winter 2008/09

International Institutions (2 Courses together with Philipp Genschel, Jacobs University Bremen)

Winter 2007/08

International Institutions (Teaching Assistant for Philipp Genschel, Jacobs University Bremen)