Working Group "Political Theory of the Welfare State"

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Laschinski, Miriam, 2024: Defamilization? Not for everyone. Unequal labour-market participation among informal caregivers in Europe, in: Journal of European Social Policy, Online first, doi:10.1177/09589287241251990, 16.05.2024

Ross, Melisa, 2023: Effective and Accountable Governance of Global Citizens’ Assemblies. Lessons from the world’s first Global Assembly on the Climate and Ecological Crisis, Technical Paper/1/2023/2023, Global Citizens' Assembly Network (GloCAN), Link (Date: 16.01.2024)

Aljuneidi, Saja; Heuten, Wilko; Boll, Susanne; Tepe, Markus, 2023: Did that AI just Charge me a Fine? Citizens’ Perceptions of AI-based Discretion in Public Administration, in: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT '23), pp. 57 - 67, doi:10.1145/3582515.3609518, 06.09.2023

Dietrich, Brian; Jankowski, Michael; Schnapp, Kai-Uwe; Tepe, Markus, 2023: Prioritizing Exceptional Social Needs. Experimental Evidence on the Role of Discrimination and Client Deservingness in Public Employees’ and Citizens’ Discretionary Behavior, in: Public Policy and Administration, Online first, doi:10.1177/09520767231210025, 08.11.2023

Jankowski, Michael; Juen, Christina-Marie; Tepe, Markus, 2023: Voting Against Parties: Populist Attitudes, Party Supply, and Support for Non-Partisan Actors, in: Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties, doi:10.1080/17457289.2023.2253729, 08.09.2023

Linhart, Eric; Jankowski, Michael; Tepe, Markus, 2023: Electoral System Preferences of Citizens Compared: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, in: European Political Science Review, 15 (4), pp. 671 - 689, doi:10.1017/S1755773923000218, 31.07.2023

Juen, Christina-Marie; Jankowski, Michael; Huber, Robert A.; Frank, Torren; Maaß, Leena; Tepe, Markus, 2023: Who wants COVID-19 Vaccination to be Compulsory? The Impact of Party Cues, Left-Right Ideology and Populism, in: Politics, 43 (3), pp. 330 - 350, doi:10.1177/02633957211061999

Hokema, Anna, 2022: Divorced Women Working Past Pension Age in Germany and the UK: The Long Shadow of the Female Homemaker Model, in: Lain, David; Vickerstaff, Sarah; van der Horst, Mariska (Ed.), Older Workers in Transition: European Experiences in a Neoliberal Era, Rethinking Work, Ageing and Retirement, Bristol: Bristol University Press, pp. 134 - 157, (forthcoming)